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In recent years, Hutong renovation design has become very popular in China, and of course, I have also worked on hutong renovation projects during my undergraduate studies and have read many materials and cases. In the process, this design impressed me very much because of its unusual interaction with the historical environment of the Hutongs.

Project Description:

The name of the project is MaoHaus, located in a hutong in Beijing. It is an experimental facade piece exploring historical context, material potentials, novel fabrication and performative qualities within architecture. Taking the simple frame and edge condition of the existing structure, the facade enters the space of the hutong as a flowing fabric.

the facade enters the space of the hutong as a flowing fabric

I would like to introduce this design in detail from two aspects: Wireframe and Emerging

The reason is that MaoHaus seeks to explore various elements of deign within a singular expression, and and these elements are very well combined in the design, especially in the combination of structure and other elements.


In this design, aesthetics and structure coexist. The structure of the facade leverages the material properties of ultra-high performance concrete and computationally generated through fluid-dynamics algorithms, the curvature of the thin porous surface serves to more efficiently carry the loads of the structure to the foundation.

One thing I really like is the combination of structure and appearance. The array of apertures across the surface play several roles within the design, removal of weight for structural integrity, expression of imagery and historical context and also as a means of interacting with the user within the tight space of the hutong alley. 

2. Emerging:

The combination of elements in this project resulted in a hutong scene that is both different and harmonious. The choice of materials, the undulating forms, and the apertures in the surface are perfectly integrated with the needs of the structure.  Visitors to the site will experience and interact with the facade very differently depending on their relative position as well as time of visit. From certain vantages, the facade is perceptibly flattened revealing the embedded image, while from other points it may read as flowing banner frozen in time.

At the same time, the site is also a memorial base for Chairman Mao Zedong, at night the precisely tuned apertures reveal a triptych of Chairman Mao’s prototypical portrait,indicating the continuation of the base’s historical lineage through artistic expression.


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